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KickOff 1.0.7 03/08/11 Free English
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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Free online street soccer game

Elena Santos

  • Bright, colorful graphics
  • Several game modes
  • Total character customization
  • You can acquire extra abilities and items
  • It's free!
  • Connectivity issues
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KickOff is an online casual soccer game with simple controls and more action scenes that make it easier and more fun to play. The game also has various and friendly Avatars with outstanding cartoon rendering graphics.

There are also a shoot gage for players to build skills and experience as well as Pass Patterns for sending balls to a character, Tricks for dynamic motion and practical play, and Tackle System for diversity and psychological warfare.

There are other competition systems such as League System and Tournament System with monthly ranking, so you can play with other players in teamwork. Each of the positions has different skills so players can use many strategies using a number of position combinations. You can enjoy more tricks and team plays according to different positions.

The mission mode gives players a sense of purpose, while the goalkeeper has different level of artificial intelligence depending on the player’s skills. In short, it’s different from other soccer games.

See why it’s so much fun to play KickOff:

  • Close Team Play / Characteristics by Position
  • More Strategies and Fun Features with Simple Trick Buttons
  • Dash Penalty System / Shoot Freedom System
  • Artificial Intelligence Cheerleader Character (Co-Player System)
  • Tournament / League and Game Watching / Betting System
  • Team Matching System and Messenger Features
  • Character Customizing
  • Various Fields on the Street

"One of the best free online soccer games "

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  • 7.0
  • usability7
  • Stability8
  • Installation9
  • Functionality6
  • Appearance8

its not bad game at all...but my oppinion is that there is lack of real simulated game features as real physics and body checking (player vs player) when sliding etc. nice arcade game but when playing as a rookie i get frustrated when i couldnt take the ball from opponent even when i visualy had 2 take their legs away

they run trough my char like nothing...i would appreciate when the game would be pro evo like :)

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26 Jul 2010

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  1. The best PES game in years is also the worst PC port

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